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    【Exhibition Report】A big surprise,GD320-L series is rather popular than others in equivalent level
    Author:GD  Time:2015-08-13 18:11:21
    Goodeng machinery attend the Shanghai international trenchless technology equipment and pipeline engineering equipment exhibition & Shanghai international trenchless technology seminar jointly hosted by Shanghai Trenchless Technology Association and Shanghai science and technology convention and exhibition CO., LTD in August 26th -28th 2014 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

    Stealth “urban lifeline”
    With the development of urbanization and increasing urbanization scale, some large and medium-sized cities have a difficult task to upgrade underground pipework. At the same time, 
    We expect to reach 800000-900000 km for our country town municipal pipework during "twelfth five-year" period. The pipeline engineering scale of the city's water supply, gas supply, electricity, heating, communications, drain will increase unprecedentedly.
    As a representative for pipeline engineering technology revolution, trenchless technology are beingadvocated vigorously and with highly attention for its ecology, high efficiency and low damage, less nuisance and a series of prominent advantages.
    Conference information

    From 2013, Goodeng Machine has introduced new product to the market every year, depending their discerning observation to the trend of engineering discerning and combine the research on different kind of trenchless working condition in special areas.
    This Trenchless ExhibitionGoodeng Machine firstly introduce new product GD320-L\GD90 from 90-16D series. GD320-L like a back sharp horse, bringing a surprise to us, and becoming the popular brand with most growth in trenchless horizontal directional drilling machine.
    Comment on GD320-L series horizontal directional drilling machine from Goodeng Machine.
    People who knows little about horizontal directional drilling machine can’t find they are special.Same panoramic cab with canopy, same rod box to load and unload drill rods, representative color with yellow, all make a misunderstanding to people especially compared with others in bright color. However, the truth is that more humble, more powerful, like a tiger, like the roles of TV play ZhenHuan Zhuanin China. When you know more about GD320-L series, you can find that they have much special function other than the simple surface.

    With better hardware configuration
    As to a machine, the configuration is very important, you can find that GD320-L series become a leader in trenchless market with its high configuration. It equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engine, with large power, stable performance, lower fuel consumption, less noise and more suitable for working in urban area.
    GD320-L series are equipped with Rexroth pump and load-sensitive proportional multi-way valve, which can automatic adjust delivery capacity, binging15% energy-saving.
    Much surprise in structure design
    Driving head adopts cycloid motor from Eaton, with large torsion, stable performance, and two stall speed regulation. Driving head also adopts integral push & pull reducer with three stall speed regulation, which speed is rapid when in construction and one-up in trenchless industry.
    If product don’t have it’s own special function, it will be no competitive. The author find a lot difference of GD320-L series horizontal directional drilling machine compared with other brands.
    As to GD320-L series, both push & pull and rotation hydraulic system in driving head adopt advanced series/parallel connection control technique and imported international first-class hydraulic elements, independent radiation system, highly efficient productivity, reliable performance and energy saving.
    Ensure construction safety with high technical support
    GD320-L series also do best to ensure construction safety, for example, the cover(non-metal plate) shell adopts overall backflip and air-spring assisted opening mechanism and with high safety. We use simple electric circuit design to ensure low failure rate and convenient maintenance, and also with high automatic system :auto feeding screw oilauto hydraulic anchorauto feeding rodraising working efficiency and alleviating labor intensity.

    Obviously humanized and comfortable cab
    We use ergonomic rotatable worktablehigh quality seat forward/backward moveable with wider view range, comfortable and convenient operation. Operator can look around from rearview mirror. Otherwise, there are two lights at the top front of cab outside, the angle can be adjusted for enough lighting, so that the rig can work in the nighttime as well.
    As performance of trenchless machine, GD320-L series definitely is better than any others in same style. Both of walking system and hydraulic system are equipped with famous brand product to ensure the performance and reliability .Even though domestic horizontal directional drilling machine are similar, we can find some special innovation in Goodeng product. Goodeng Machine take great advantage in developing new productmaking breakthrough in key technologypromoting trial and test ability for new production and adaptability research, etc.,


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